Art is like an open door through which the viewer can walk into another place and time. But you bring to it what is in you. For me details are only important to help define a mood or focus a thought while imagination is the real essence.

The element of chance. That is what I love about watercolor — for me, that is the spirit of the medium.

Many artists have wonderful talents and paint very true-to-life, realistic images. Artists such as Andrew Wyeth, Joseph Zbukvic, Winslow Homer, Chris Krupinski. Sometimes I wish that I had such abilities. But then again, it might confine one to work in such a manner, whereas I most enjoy the unexpected, e.g., J.M.W. Turner. Another great favorite is Jean Haines, a world renowned watercolor master with whom I have taken (online) classes and who has called me one of her "favorite artists".

The vague. The undefined. Somehow I have become enamored with blurry images where the imagination of the viewer comes into play. I know that I love a painting when I wish that I had done it.

So, watercolor easily offers the undefined. Perhaps there is an abstract quality incorporated with granulation and water flows. Let the water and paint do the work. The unexpected, that is what I hope for.